Growth Tactic #36: Prove Yourself: Online Social Proof

February 24, 2017

A little proof can go a long way. Find out how you can guide your visitors from your homepage to your purchase page with Growth Tactic #36, Prove Yourself: Online Social Proof. With this strategy from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, you can work on turning prospects into customers and customers into repeat shoppers.


Prove it. How many times have you heard that demand? It’s not enough these days to merely tell someone how great your product or service is…you need other people (and numbers) to do the talking for you. Once you have your social proof, it’s time to share it loud and proud. This statement should be one of the first things people see when they get to your site. Think: flashing neon sign, giant arrows, impressive stats, charming reviews. Well, the first two are up for debate, depending on your target audience. But one thing is certain – make your proof impossible to ignore and you could find yourself with increased conversions.


STEP ONE: What screams “social proof” to you? Some examples include: customer testimonials, facts and figures about your products (how many you’ve sold) or customers (how many you have), reviews, celebrity or influencer endorsements, expert approval, certifications or badges, etc. Decide which types of evidence might convince your visitors to buy.

STEP TWO: How do you want your statement or image to look? If you have a designer in your corner, chat with him/her about creating this new addition for your site. If you’re on your own, consider using one of the options in our Resources and Tools section below. (You got this!)

STEP THREE: Make it live and see what happens. Put your piece of social proof somewhere visible. You want to start welcoming (and influencing) prospects as soon as they open the door to your homepage. Try A/B testing your statements to see which version has the biggest impact on your site and sales.

Resources and Tools

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