Growth Tactic #98 Support a Good Cause and Grow

May 23, 2017

Doing well by doing good—it’s not a new idea, but as long as there is a need for good causes and the organizations that address them, there will be a need for companies willing to pitch in. Smart business owners and marketers know the benefits and rewards for those ready to Support a Good Cause and Grow. Learn their secrets in Growth Tactic #98 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan—and do take note—there are only 2 more to go before your 100 Days are complete!

OVERVIEW–Support a Good Cause and Grow  hands holding tablet with image of the red heart symbol under the word Charity

Business is ticking along nicely, sales are growing, and everyone’s feeling somewhat comfortable. You know that’s not good enough—for one thing, nobody’s really comfortable with—uh—comfortable. Shake things up and give your organization a chance to be “the good guys.” Use one or more of the tips outlined below to support a good cause and grow—you stand the chance to expand market reach, enhance your brand credibility, and actually increase sales. Just as importantly, you and your employees can share in the rewarding feeling of making a difference in your community, or even the world at large. Not sure where to start? We’ve got it covered in the following steps.


STEP ONE: Survey local organizations you may want to support—it’s a good way to stay in touch with your community, especially if you are a local business. Study non-profits online for a broader reach, and look for those that seem a natural fit with your business profile, your products or other factors.

STEP TWO: Come up with options for how you are willing to participate with a chosen non-profit. Check out Step Two from our recent Growth Tactic #91, Social Proof from Celebrity Endorsements, for the benefits of partnering with a famous name. Consider possibilities ranging from a percentage donation on the sale of selected products or services, to a matching contribution for donations made by your customers, to participation in a shared special event that fundraises for the group, or direct donation of product that the charity can use in their own activities.

STEP THREE: Reach out to your target group and explore their needs and interests. Look for ways to match your strengths with their capabilities. When you find your non-profit partner, develop a plan that works for everyone. Be sure to include a shared marketing program to associate your brand with the good cause.


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