Growth Tactic #96 Expand Your Reach by Integrating Partner Software

May 19, 2017

Feeling a bit isolated in the competitive online world? Make new friends and build your business as you Expand Your Reach by Integrating Partner Software. You may think you aren’t ready for partners, but think again: you can have the benefit of a partner’s brilliant idea (read: app) and skip the complication of a full-on relationship (read: no baggage). It’s easier than you think, as you’ll see in Growth Tactic #96—one of the last 5 gems in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan!

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OVERVIEW–Expand Your Reach by Integrating Partner Software

If you’re a SaaS firm, looking for ways to expand your audience and spur new growth—even if you’re a brand new startup with the same desires—you need to study the advantages of integration partnerships. Save bucketsful of time and investment costs you’d need to develop your own apps, and start sourcing successful, pre-existing ones that make a good fit for your products or services, as well as for your customer base. Here are some tips for expanding through integration partnerships.


STEP ONE: Study up…that means doing the research to become familiar with apps that will make a good fit for your company—complimentary services that integrate well—and with an established track record. Line up your best targets according to an inventory of factors that help you evaluate options.

STEP TWO: Once you reach out to the right partner and agree to move forward, work on a joint plan to build the integration. Be sure to involve the right team members who bring expertise in development, marketing, and more, to guarantee the best possible route to success.

STEP THREE: When you launch the newly integrated product, be sure to put enough marketing muscle behind it. Make your efforts pay off by building awareness among customers, and taking steps to attract a new audience based on the added services. Is it a success? You won’t know unless you rigorously track data and identify opportunities to tweak and improve. Each time you add a new integrated partnership, you can build on lessons learned from the previous one, and start looking for the next.


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