Growth Tactic #92 RSS Subscriber Email

May 15, 2017

You’re constantly churning out great content on your blog – but what’s the use if no one is reading it? Make it easy for prospects and customers to transition from occasional site visitors to loyal blog subscribers. It all starts with the right RSS opt-in form and RSS Subscriber Email. With Growth Tactic #92 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, you can grow your list, impress your fans, improve blog readership, and rack up those trust points.

OVERVIEW–RSS Subscriber Email  Orange RSS square symbol

Look at your calendar – your schedule is packed tighter than a carryon suitcase. Well, guess what? So is everyone else’s. So, if your blog page isn’t seeing the kind of traffic your knock-out content deserves, there’s a good chance it isn’t because your target audience doesn’t like what you’re writing. Between five conference calls, a 4-hour flight, and two looming deadlines – they’re just not thinking about your blog. Which is unfortunate, because your last post may have helped them solve their current marketing conundrum. The truth is – you can’t expect busy entrepreneurs and high-level CEOs to come to you every time. You’ve got to hand-deliver your blog content to them on a silver platter – or in this case, via a shiny, automated email. By offering readers a way to opt-in to your blog, you can increase your chances of securing more avid, loyal readers. When a new post goes live, it shoots straight to their inbox, so they’ll come to expect and look forward to your advice, wisdom, and expertise.  First class treatment for them means first class results for you.


STEP ONE: Make it easy for visitors to subscribe via an opt-in form. Strategically place this form in a few different spots – but don’t litter your website. Your blog page is a must, your homepage is a great choice, and consider other high-ranking pages. If you want to go the extra mile, you could put together a landing page that outlines the pros and perks of signing up.

STEP TWO: It’s design time! Your next step is to create a template for your RSS Subscriber Email. Remember, those who have opted-in will receive the same template every time – so make it a good one.

STEP THREE: Update your current lists, social followers, and non-subscribing blog readers with your exciting news. Keep an eye on the number of new opt-ins and where they’re coming from. Are people unsubscribing after opting in? Test your templates and revisit your content strategy periodically, depending on results.


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