Growth Tactic #9: Testimonials–Video or Written

January 18, 2017

Here’s a way to combine the power of video with the authority of a customer testimonial. It’s a quick guide to Testimonials–Video or Written, the latest in our series of tactics for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. We’re offering our best tips and insights to keep you learning and growing well into 2017! 

Overview –  Testimonials–Video or Written

The power of video in the digital environment continues to grow, and for good reason. Watching a video takes less time and concentration in today’s overwhelming informational flow, at the same time as it makes your message more memorable. Associate a visual with sound and a personal testimonial, and you’ve made a real impression.

Now, imagine the impact of your happy customers sharing their authentic feedback in video testimonial format, and you see where we’re going with this tactic. Don’t be intimidated by what may seem like technical challenges, as there are more options all the time for quickly and easily producing your own videos. Read on.


STEP ONE Decide on 5 of your most loyal customers. Reach out to them with a request to participate in a video testimonial. If they’re shy about going on camera, that’s your cue to offer the option of a case study or blog post about their business success (and your role in it) instead.

STEP TWO Once you have your customers lined up, develop the interview outline with the kind of Q & A that will both elicit the specific feedback you want and give them a chance to self-promote. Keep it brief, and time out the likely discussion to limit your video’s length to about a minute and-a-half (keep case studies and blog posts brief as well, to convey key facts before the visitor loses interest). Next, schedule a day and time to record their video comments.

STEP THREE Add some screen graphics to properly brand and identify your video, using your choice of tools (see resources below for ideas). Be sure to post on your homepage in a prominent spot.

Resources and Tools

We’re committed to providing a deep source of information and education for our community. Find more resources in our Learn page and visit us here again for the next 100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactic! Then, contact us for more ideas on digital growth and your website.

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