Growth Tactic #89 Research and Report on Industry Trends

May 10, 2017

You may be working from your garage now, but tomorrow, you intend to occupy a place of importance in your industry. So, what about today? Today, it’s time to practice some industry leader-style reputation building. Don’t underestimate yourself or your business, and don’t worry about getting from here to there—we’ve mapped out the road for you in Growth Tactic #89, Research and Report on Industry Trends. It’s an important tactic in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

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Even if you’re already ensconced in a suite of offices on the 21st floor, you can’t overlook the importance of reputation building. How to do it? By sharing valuable information that will be relevant to your industry. Where to start? Think of the questions you’d like answered, and think, too, about your customers and other stakeholders. What kinds of questions do they ask you or your employees? Before you know it, you’ll be stacking up ideas for research topics that are crying out to be shared.


STEP ONE: Pick a topic from the list of questions you’ve identified. Look for a subject in an area of significant experience for you, that is also trending in your field. You’ll soon be amassing ideas for informative industry reports that will serve your customers’ and prospects’ needs.

STEP TWO: Next, dig deeper in the research to find studies–and competitor reports–on your topic. Look for reputable sources of data and identify patterns that reveal new information. Review your own company data and consider whether it adds insights into your topic. Call on some expert advice to fully develop a report based on industry best practices and reliable, proper use of data.

STEP THREE: You’re ready to build out the delivery methods you’ll use to share your important new report. You’ll need a strong landing page, and an opt-in form to capture name and contact information of visitors who choose to download the report. Now, it’s time to share this vital, new resource on social media and with your targeted lists, and guess what?–tomorrow is here!


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