Growth Tactic #88 Optimize Your Email Signature

May 9, 2017

If you’re currently taking the “name + contact info” dead-end approach when it comes to your email signature, you’re missing an opportunity. Change it up with Growth Tactic #88, Optimize Your Email Signature, the next tip in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. Don’t just end your emails on a good note–close them with a call-to-action.


OVERVIEW–Optimize Your Email Signature Tip of handheld ink pen writing @ sign

You should always be selling. Even if you’re not the sales guy (or gal). Anywhere you can slip in a link to your brand’s site, a resource you offer, a freebie–you should. Without, of course, being pushy or obvious. When it comes to your email signature, think no differently. So, here’s an example for all you trendy marketers out there. That last email you just sent–think of it as an outfit. The recipient is about to check you out from head to toe–or rather, from “hello” to “goodbye”. Your headline is epic. Your intro is solid. Your template is a winner. Don’t chance ruining the whole package by pairing battered shoes with dapper threads. When customers or prospects get to the bottom of the email, they should think “now that’s a polished signature.” But don’t stop there. Encourage them to take an action, so that you can keep them in your world just a little longer, and drive them a little farther down that conversion funnel. So, what’s the secret to turning your John Hancock into an asset for driving conversions? Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your email signature and upgrade from hand-me-down trainers to brand new Italian leather wingtips or pumps.


STEP ONE: You’ve got the basics down pat–name, title, phone number, fax (does anyone still use their fax?) email address, perhaps even your company logo. So what’s left? Have you tried playing with fonts and colors to give your signature a little flair? Do you have your social media handles present? Your tagline? A link to a piece of your content (a blog post or video)? A free tool (eBook, white paper, downloadable PDF)? First, give them something pretty to look at. Then, offer a call-to-action.

STEP TWO: Take a look at some of the emails you’ve received from other companies over the past few months. How do their signatures stack up? Then, have a chat with your Graphic Designer and/or check out the Resources and Tools section below for some top-notch assistance.

STEP THREE: Never stop testing. You’re not going to implement everything mentioned in Step One at the same time. After all, you don’t want your email signature to be longer than your actual emails. Combine a few ideas– try them out, switch them up, repeat. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: in the world of marketing…there’s no “done,” there’s only “done for now.”


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