Growth Tactic #87 Welcome Visitors with Total Website Personalization

May 8, 2017

Getting personal—it’s one of those things you have to do at the right time, in the right place. Let’s assume you know the finer points of when and where (we’re giving you credit, here)—but do you know how? There are more digital options than ever before to reach out and connect with visitors, in highly effective (non-creepy) ways. Learn more in Growth Tactic #87, Welcome Visitors with Total Website Personalization.  

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OVERVIEW–Welcome Visitors with Total Website Personalization

Starting with “Personalization 101,” the most basic step is setting up your email system to pick up the first name of your lead and insert it in the greeting. Statistics demonstrate that this personalization step alone goes a long way toward getting new contacts to read and respond. Next, work on personalizing visitors’ experience when they interact with your app or your website—this kind of total website personalization is especially valuable for ecommerce sites. Ready to warm up a cold interaction with that personal welcome? Check out the steps below and start getting personal, now!


STEP ONE: As noted above, email is the most basic, first-line interaction you can use to personally contact a lead or customer. Whether you are using an advanced automation platform or a simple mail-merge setup, be sure to open with a first name greeting.

STEP TWO: Imagine yourself wandering through a website for the first time, trying to find the product you want, and feeling a little lost and alone. Up pops a friendly message greeting you by name, offering the very size and style of strappy sandals you’ve been searching for. Even better, they’re being offered at 30% off, today only! Analyze customer traffic patterns on your key site pages and determine where you need to add this kind of incentive to keep users from leaving.

STEP THREE: Review the resources and tools we’ve listed to see which one is a good fit. Set up the tool to begin working on your site, and make sure to carefully track before-and-after rates of conversion. If results disappoint, consider a different tool or app that might be a better fit with your customer profile.


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