Growth Tactic #86 Drive Conversions on Targeted Social Media

May 5, 2017

Although participating on social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) helps grow your business, no one ever said driving conversions would be free. In order to get a little, you need to give a little, and creating targeted social media ads is one way to do it. Ads may make a slight dent in your wallet, but in the end, they can pay off. Learn how you can Drive Conversions on Social Media in Growth Tactic #86, the next step in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

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There is nothing better than waking up to the sweet smell of money… or in this case, conversions. Though it costs a bit to create and launch an effective ad, doing so can increase your conversion rates and boost your ROI. Given today’s total online environment, one of the best places to launch your ads is in targeted social media sites. If your customers love tweeting about your new clothing line, focus on creating Twitter ads. On the other hand, if your user base skews closer to a Facebook customer profile, try a Facebook ad. The key is to find out where your customers are talking about you on social media, then target your ads to fit. Your ad campaigns will generate more website traffic, and when you craft ads likely to capture the attention of your niche markets, you can reach more of the right people. So don’t worry about dipping into your piggy bank—this growth tactic will have you oinking with delight.


STEP ONE: Do some investigating and determine on which targeted social media site your customers, or potential customers, are most likely to find you. If you’re active on multiple social platforms (of course you are), pick one to start. But if your business is not yet active in the social media-sphere, try it! Building your social media presence and running targeted ads go hand-in-hand.

STEP TWO: Create your customized ad using the tools we’ve listed below. Feel free to move beyond Facebook and Twitter and into the realm of Instagram or LinkedIn. Experiment with different multimedia platforms to make your ads engaging and inviting. Channel your creative side and have fun with it!

STEP THREE: Take the necessary steps to launch your ad, then be sure to analyze its effectiveness over a prolonged period of time. If your ad isn’t bringing in as many conversions as you’d like, try switching to a different social media platform or tailoring your ad more specifically to your customer needs. And remember, a little bit of spend can go a long way (for conversions, that is).


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