Growth Tactic #85 The Irresistible Email Pitch

May 4, 2017

Have you ever written an email so great that brand new prospects reply instantly, begging to jump on a call? Get ready to become very familiar with this outcome when you learn how email targeting will help you create The Irresistible Email Pitch. Growth Tactic #85 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan will have you pitching…with perfect pitch.

OVERVIEW–The Irresistible Email Pitch Email message highlighted in inbox on desktop screen

Over the past 84 Growth Tactics, we’ve talked about emails extensively, from educational campaigns to welcome emails to upselling and beyond. By now, you should feel comfortable approaching your current list. But what about growing that list? Well, that’s a little different. Adding new, qualified leads to your suspect (eh hem, prospect) list via email targeting is an art form. You’ve got to find the right way to engage a total stranger, hit their pain point, offer a solution, and demand a response (without actually demanding anything) in just a few lines of absolutely perfect copy. Some call this technique cold emailing, some call it prospecting, and some call it a terrible move…because most people get it wrong. Well, with Growth Tactic #85, you won’t be most people. You’ll be irresistible.


STEP ONE: Even if you’re interested in creating your own cold email pitch from scratch, your first step is to take a trip around the block to see what’s already been done and to gather some expert tips. This will get your neurons firing and your creative glands salivating. If writing isn’t your hobby of choice, have a team member take a stab at it, or pick a template you like the look of and tweak it to make it your own. (Not sure where to look? HINT: A few lines down.)

STEP TWO: If you could snap your fingers and a list of targeted individuals fell into your lap – what would that list look like? Decide where they’re from, what they do, what they’re interested in, etc. Then, check out the Resources and Tools section below for our recommendation on where to hire the person who can find those people.

STEP THREE: When you’ve crafted your email, hit send, track your open, click, and bounce rates – and see what happens. If you notice some action and receive some replies, congratulations. You’re a copy wizard. If your results don’t reflect your goals, rework your template, do some A/B testing, and keep plugging away. (Practice turns prospects into profits.)


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