Growth Tactic #84 Trigger App Alerts to Help Customers ASAP

May 3, 2017

We’ve all been there. You’re navigating through a website when suddenly you encounter a problem. Either you can’t log in, you’re not sure how to make a purchase, you come across a bug, or you don’t know where to click for the right information. And we can predict what you do next…leave. We want to help your business avoid this inevitable dilemma in Growth Tactic #84, Trigger App Alerts to Help Customers ASAP–the next step in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.  Blue and white notification alert enlarged and jumping out of laptop screen

OVERVIEW–Trigger App Alerts to Help Customers ASAP

Some customers have no problem maneuvering your website while others face more challenges. Since each user has varying needs, it’s important that your website provides technical support. But here’s the problem. Plain old support tickets usually have slow response rates and leave your users feeling just as frustrated as before. A more effective method is to analyze where customers get confused on your site and set up an automation to trigger app alerts. That way, you’ll  contact them even before they reach out for help (because let’s face it, most of the time they won’t bother asking). When you install triggers informing you where users get confused, you can send out automatic targeted messages that help customers ASAP. What does this mean for you? Users will stay on your website longer, your conversion numbers will increase, and best of all, you can achieve sustainable growth.


STEP ONE: Everyone has problem areas, and so does your website! Use the tools below to run diagnostics that will help you determine where your customers are getting confused and abandoning your site. Once you know why your users are leaving, it’s much easier to address any problems.

STEP TWO: Begin drafting personalized messages (in the form of emails or website notifications) that can guide your customers through any complexities on your website. Make sure your messages conform to your business tone. Is your “voice” funny? Sarcastic? Maybe formal? Keep it concise, relatable, and specific.

STEP THREE: Choose a marketing platform that will automatically send out your messages. Your platform should target the needs of your audience. A welcome email describing your services could enhance your overall message. Or, a website notification offering tips may help users navigate unfamiliar waters. Your customers are more likely to hang around if they are getting the help they need.


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