Growth Tactic #83 Time Your Social Media Posts to News & Events

May 2, 2017

Everyone else is doing it…If the majority of your followers on social media are posting about a world event, breaking news, a holiday, or a viral video…why aren’t YOU? Sometimes following the crowd and hopping on a trend isn’t tacky…it’s smart. So, if there’s any time to practice to your “sheeple” skills – it’s now. Little do they know – you’re a sheep with a strategy. Learn how to Time Your Social Media Posts to News & Events and gain followers, in Growth Tactic #83 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

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Seriously? Are you really posting about last week’s blog or typical industry news right now? Have you looked outside? Or better yet–online? The sky is falling! Crowds are gathering! A thing that’s never happened before is happening right now! No offense, but no one cares about your blog right now. (Ouch…it’ll only burn for a second!) Get in the conversation everyone else is having. Jump on the bandwagon and feel good about it. How is this going to help you achieve your marketing goals? The more your followers like what you have to say, the more they’ll engage with you. And as we know, engagement is a powerful step toward increased conversions. Once your followers care about what you have to say about the world, maybe they’ll be interested in what you can do to help make theirs better. So, find the right hashtags, personalize your posts, and become one with your followers.


STEP ONE: There are certain events you can plan ahead for (holidays) and others you can’t (news bulletin!). For the former, consider creating a social media marketing calendar. Keep it updated months in advance with important dates. Work with your graphic designer (or use a tool below) to create images, and get together with your content team to craft some copy gold. (See? Your inner wolf is already reemerging as you strategize your master plan to gain followers.) To keep up with spur-of-the-moment happenings, you can set up Google alerts and consider the additional tools outlined in one of the articles below. And, of course, just keep an eye on your social feeds!

STEP TWO: It’s show time! When the opportunity presents itself, start posting your own content. But don’t stop there. Make sure to re-tweet, like, share, comment, and actively engage. This isn’t a one-and-done situation. It’s an ongoing conversation–until your followers end it. So, keep talking!

STEP THREE: Track how well your posts perform and how much engagement and interaction you drum up via this tactic. If you’re not happy with your results, try a different approach next time. Add humor into the mix, be less wordy, be more wordy, share useful advice, etc. But don’t be overtly self-promotional. (Yuck.)


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