Growth Tactic #82 Join a Targeted Forum for Ideas and Growth

May 1, 2017

Access to online engagement with like-minded business owners comes in many shapes and sizes. While sites like Facebook and Twitter can be great tools to connect, participating in a targeted forum has endless possibilities. An internet forum functions as a message board, allowing individuals to discuss specific topics and gain feedback. So, if you’re looking to expand your online presence and chat with others in your field, Join a Targeted Forum for Ideas and Growth—it’s Growth Tactic #82 in our 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

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Forums can pretty much offer it all. Whether you want to access your creative side, enhance your skills, increase clientele, gain referrals, or get some much-needed business advice, a targeted forum is the place to do it. Small business owners especially…listen up! Even if you don’t have a booming network of compatible professionals, forums can provide you with the expertise and network of support you need. Connecting with other similar businesses helps you grow your online engagement and network. Who knows, your next great business idea could be just a conversation away.


STEP ONE: Get familiar with some of the internet’s well-known forums such as Quora or Reddit. We’ve included some ideas in our Resources and Tools section, but don’t let that limit you. You can find a forum on pretty much any topic simply by searching on Google. A niche-based forum is out there waiting for you.

STEP TWO: Get posting! Forums can be helpful to just read through, but if you’re not participating, then you’re not building credibility. Start by introducing yourself in the forum and then ask a business-related question. A simple question can turn into a conversation in no time.

STEP THREE: Bookmark your favorite forums and set a participation schedule for yourself. This could mean posting in a forum once a week or even every day. Remember, each post you make and each conversation you have, brings you one step closer to growth.


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