Growth Tactic #76 Wake Up Former Users with an Email Offer

April 21, 2017

Are your users stuck in a deep sleep? An inactivity trance? Wake up former or inactive users with an email offer that looks as good as that first cup of coffee smells. You’ll have customers back in action in no time with Growth Tactic #76, Wake Up Former Users with an Email Offer. It’s the next mini-chapter in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. Rise and shine!

OVERVIEW–Wake Up Former Users with an Email Offer Coffee cup filling up labeled with words Wake Up

Humans don’t hibernate, so if your users have disappeared on you – it’s for a different reason: they’re bored, busy, or just kind of over it. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) or app company, you need users to be awake, alert, and interactive with your brand. With the steps below, and the right email, you can help your inactive customers realize what they’ve been missing. Set an alarm for your sleepy users, but be prepared – they might hit snooze a few times. So, make sure to set some backups. Now, start waking up your list!

Psst, you could try sending a We-Miss-You email (Growth Tactic #5) – but make sure to add value so you come off as caring…and not that guy.


STEP ONE: First things first. Are you paying attention to and keeping track of your users and their behavior? Have you already integrated marketing automation into the mix? If you answered, “Yes,” move along to step two. If you’re not sure what we’re going on about, check out the Resources and Tools section below for some ideas.

STEP TWO: You don’t have to start from scratch – take a look around the web and see what everyone else is doing. No, this isn’t stealing, it’s repurposing (as long as you do it respectfully).  Set up a meeting with your creative team, review the examples you’ve found, and have a good old-fashioned brainstorm session–how can you increase engagement in just a few words? With a coupon? Some affection? New information? Product updates? Feedback request?

STEP THREE: Campaign creation time. The email should be based on a trigger so that it goes out to the right list (your inactives) at the perfect time. See how users respond to your first test run. If you don’t see any increase in engagement, move on to your next idea.


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