Growth Tactic #74 Optimize Your Copy for Growth

April 19, 2017

Q: What’s the one thing that contains your whole business identity and carries your message to the world? A: Content! That may sound melodramatic, but when content converts, your bottom line grows. Content is just that important, and making it work for you takes conscious, detailed attention. No need to fear that you’re not up to the task—we’ll show you the shortcuts and tools that will help you Optimize Your Copy for Growth, in Growth Tactic #74 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

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Your website is like your billboard, with just a few seconds to grab viewers’ attention before they drive on by. Every message you convey should be strategically conceived, targeting the right audience and crafted to engage visitor interest. Apply this principle to all your message-delivery vehicles, from product landing pages, to homepages, blogs, social media messages and email campaigns. Keep the ultimate goal—conversion for growth—top of mind as you write your copy, and keep these steps handy to make sure your content converts.


STEP ONE: Learn what makes for effective, engaging content by skimming through some great articles on the subject. Like anything else, it’s easier to tackle a project when you break it down, so get tips on powerful words that help convert, and other components of the writing process.

STEP TWO: It’s hard to know what makes content truly valuable—unless you test it. Check out a platform like Optimizely, designed to let you test copy for key conversion elements, like CTA buttons, headlines and more. Keywords play an essential role in building a successful page, which is why we posted Growth Tactic #59 a few weeks back, on How to Be A Keyword Master for Targeted Search.

STEP THREE: When you have your targeted landing page or other content written, run your A/B tests, then monitor and track results. As results accumulate, you’ll begin to get a clear picture of what converts and therefore, deserves a long life on your website.


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