Growth Tactic #72 The Blog Week in Review

April 17, 2017

You can never let up on the need to project your brand credibility, showing your company as a leader, a source of fresh ideas and great solutions to constant business challenges. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood (the virtual one or the brick ‘n mortar one), or looking to stay fresh and keep up with the competition, Growth Tactic #72, The Blog Week in Review, shows you an easy way to become the go-to site of innovation. It’s next in line for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW–The Blog Week in Review man at laptop screen showing "blog" page

Let’s assume you have an established website, with an active blog page that gets updated daily—maybe you even repurposed those posts with a newsletter review, as we suggested in Growth Tactic #13. Way to go! Now, take the next step toward brand credibility in the wider world and offer your followers, new visitors and random searchers a curated collection of the best ideas from others in your industry. They’ll be likely to keep coming back for more good stuff, and they might even thank you for the favor!


STEP ONE: Where would we be without lists? Start creating your blog review by listing your key topics to collect, concentrating–naturally–on those that are relevant to your customers. Your expertise and judgement as to selections you make, are the very things that add value to the collection.

STEP TWO: Do a deep dive and start collecting current, highly useful articles you want to share. There are so many good tools to use, it’s hard to choose, but try working through BuzzSumo Alerts, Reddit, Twitter and other sources you use. Check your industry-related trade and professional association websites, and don’t forget to dig through all media formats—podcasts and videos, as well as articles. Congratulations—you are now curating!

STEP THREE: Assemble your curated list of blogs with links and pull them together into an appealing format. Write up a welcome message and intro to the Blog Week in Review (substitute your own clever name) and add a short summary for each piece to entice readers. Now that you’ve been nice enough to share someone else’s great content in your post, why not ask for a little quid pro quo (Latin for “now it’s your turn, will you please share my post, too?”).


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