Growth Tactic #63: Homepage Headlines: Make an Impression

April 4, 2017

When it comes to your homepage headline copy, if you miss the mark – visitors will pull the ultimate vanishing act. Find out how to hypnotize your guests with a one-liner so good they just have to stick around. Welcome to the newest tactic in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, Growth Tactic #63 Homepage Headlines: Make an Impression.

OVERVIEW – Homepage Headlines: Make an Impression

Step right up ladies and gents! Witness the greatest headline on earth! You’ve got one shot to grab their attention before they move on to the next attraction. Your homepage headline could make or break a visitor’s first impression of your site – so it’s safe to say that a good headline just isn’t enough. It has to be applause-worthy, a crowd-pleaser, the main event. One thing your headlines might have been missing up until now is a promise. Show visitors a glimpse into their futures if they choose your brand. More leads? Increased sales? Social media madness? Yes, this is achievable with a single headline – if and only if you follow the steps below. Come one, come all! The show (and this tactic) must go on…


STEP ONE: As with many of your growth tactics, step number one involves a little snooping. Recycling, reusing, and repurposing are all part of the fun, yet at-times overwhelming, marketing circus. See what headlines your competitors and favorite sites are using. Then, create your own list of 20-40 lines. As we mentioned above, focus on results-based copy – paint a picture for your prospect. Don’t tell them about you, show them what they get out of working with you. (HINT: Don’t make your headlines too long.)

STEP TWO: Chat with your team, gather opinions, and pick a few favorites. Use one of the tools from our Resources and Tools section below to get a solid idea about whether or not your headlines will make an impression and perform well. 

STEP THREE: Put the winner to work. Give your new homepage headline a shot by making it live on your site. Continue to A/B test your homepage and your headlines – a great website is never finished! 


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