Growth Tactic #61: Segment Lists for Huge Email Success

March 31, 2017

What’s the best way to reach an individual with a (seemingly) personal message? You may be surprised to learn that putting them in a group is the most effective way to get your special offer across. Puzzled? Learn how it’s done in today’s Growth Tactic #61 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, Segment Lists for Huge Email Success.


You’ve invested hours, perhaps years in building ever larger emails lists, aiming for higher response and all the benefits that go with it—especially growing leads and increased sales. If you’re like a lot of marketers, you’ve noticed that the results don’t always live up to expectations. The secret to generating huge email success lies in grouping—or segmenting—your list.  Look for ways to segment your database, whether by customer industry (automotive, real estate, financial, etc.), by interests, or by profiles. When you think about typical human behavior, it just makes good sense to appeal to the values most likely to matter to an individual. Let’s break it down.


STEP ONE: Review your lists to identify likely target groups. Think about your product and service offerings, and match them up to your groups. This can be a two-way process–start with your product groupings and look for matching segments within your lists.

STEP TWO: Draft your email messages to appeal strongly to each segment. Go back to your human behavior principles one more time. Think of special offers that might work best for that real estate broker, like a free trial subscription to your breakthrough multiple listing app.

STEP THREE: Launch your email campaigns to a limited number of groups to start and, just as you do with every new marketing campaign, track results. Compare differences among them, and identify which groups responded best. Look for patterns that you can repeat with other groups and watch for results every time. If you’ve done your homework and understood your customer groups, you should see a higher return per customer. Statistics from a DMA survey indicate up to 756% higher returns when using segmented lists.


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