Growth Tactic #6: Fast Customer Feedback Request

January 13, 2017

“Tell me what you really think…” Online, it’s difficult to communicate that idea to your customers, but we have some ways you can use the fast customer feedback request to do effective conversion testing. It’s your next tactic in the 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, with daily tips and insights that we hope will keep you learning and growing well into 2017! 

Overview – Fast Customer Feedback Request

There’s a substantial difference between doing business online and doing business in person with your customers. Face-to-face, you can observe body language, see reactions, and get a feel for emotional responses. When you’ve got a boatload of technology and miles between you and your customers, it’s much harder to get a grasp of how they’re feeling about their experiences with you and your company.

If you were standing in your brick-and-mortar location and sensed that a potential buyer was about to exit empty-handed, you’d start a conversation. Chances are, you might change the customer’s mind or encourage him/her to provide you with honest feedback that would influence future choices for how to grow your brand.

Online, the challenge is to simulate that interaction via computer, tablet, or phone. You should still ask for opinions–in fact, many of your customers probably want to share–as long as doing so is quick and easy. We all love knowing that our thoughts and views count.


STEP ONE: Take a look at your site. Are there things that you’re not sure about? Do you want a user-experience opinion on some copy or images? Maybe you need a new way to find out why a customer is taking so long to decide about buying a product–is it price, color options, shipping? Make a list, check it twice, and pick a place to start.

STEP TWO: You’re going to need a little help for this one. Check out our Resources and Tools section, choose a site, create your account, and follow the instructions for building your form. HINT: Don’t pick too many questions (stick with one or a few) and make sure they’re simple. You want customers to be able to read and answer quickly for a higher response rate.

STEP THREE: Make your form(s) live on your site. You can also share on social media to gather even more feedback. Continue to collect and analyze your results and then consider implementing any changes you feel could help improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Resources and Tools for Conversion Testing

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