Growth Tactic #59: Be a Keyword Master for Targeted Search

March 29, 2017

Right. You’ve been using keywords…let’s just say, forever—but, are you really making the most of this essential element when you create content and build site pages? If your website is going to attract a bigger, more targeted search audience, you need to review Growth Tactic #59 Be a Keyword Master for Targeted Search, from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. You can start by making a list—simple, right?

OVERVIEW—Be a Keyword Master for Targeted Search

Let’s review the basics; call it Keyword 101. It seems like an intuitive process—finding the key terms that you already know are relevant for your business. They make a good starting place for your list, but that’s just the beginning, and it’s not quite enough. Keywords are the search terms your potential visitors and future customers will use to find sites like yours. Your first step in defining the right terms is knowing who your targeted search audience is, and how they will be searching. Then, you can start building out and using your powerful, comprehensive keyword list. Our steps below show you how to be a keyword master.


STEP ONE: Take your preliminary list of keywords and start adding to it with some well-informed keyword research. There are lots of useful tools out there to help you with this task. Check out a few popular ones in our Resources & Tools section, below.

STEP TWO: Here’s where your core list of terms comes into play. Think of additional niche topics, related to the original keyword or term, that your customer should find interesting. These are search phrases that stay close to your topic, and have the great advantage of being less competitive. In other words, fewer competitors are likely to be using them, so your search volume and rankings should rise.

STEP THREE: After you’ve read up on keywords and researched a healthy list, think about organizing your keyword list into groupings, like user intent terms and interest levels. When you feel ready, step up your keyword intensity to go full-on GKP—that’s Google Keyword Planner—for the in-depth authority on how to really be a keyword master.


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