Growth Tactic #56: Build Infographics to Share

March 24, 2017

Marketing is a team sport. By increasing the number of players in your lineup, you can grow your chances of scoring major points with prospects. Partnering with another brand to create a killer piece of content could help you hit your next home run. Find out how in Build Infographics to Share. It’s Growth Tactic #56 of your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW – Build Infographics to Share

Pitch a content curveball – and watch what happens next. Sometimes, the best strategy for beating your competition includes a little business-to-business collaboration that no one’s expecting. Affiliating yourself with another brand is a great way to get your message out to a crowd twice the size. An infographic is an easy, inexpensive and eye-appealing type of content you can work on together. It’s shareable, easy to embed, and let’s be honest – fun to design! So, if you’re ready to join the major leagues and try something completely new, check out the steps below.


STEP ONE: Pick your topic and your teammates. Once you’ve researched keywords and chosen your theme, it’s time to share your idea with your new potential partner. If you get the thumbs up on the collaboration and subject, start brainstorming together.

STEP TWO: Design and build an infographic to share. Check out the links in our Resources and Tools section below for ideas. If you have an in-house designer, have him/her create the graphics for content you develop, or hire a freelancer. This step depends on your staff, timeline, budget, and overall goals. Just remember that an infographic must be thoroughly researched and data-oriented (with clear documentation of sources). 

STEP THREE: Make sure you have a plan when it comes to promoting your new infographic. Don’t just stick it here or there at random. Be strategic, listen to your partner’s ideas, and decide on the best course of action together. Once the bases are loaded, it’s time to throw your infographic out to the world. Let’s see how many runs you can score with this single piece of content… 


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