Growth Tactic #55: Micro-Target Your Blog Posts

March 23, 2017

Know thy audience—it’s one of the first rules of successful blogging. When it comes to engaging your target audience(s), it’s crucial to craft blog topics to address the particular needs and interests of each group. How to know what will attract group members and inspire response? We explain it all in the latest Growth Tactic from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, #55 Micro-Target your Blog Posts.

OVERVIEW — Micro-Target your Blog Posts

It takes a little trial and error to hit your mark, but like most things marketing, it all starts with some basic research. Identify customer profiles for sub-categories of your audience. Develop your message and depending on response, adjust the message and try a slightly altered version or topic. Concepts that resonate with one group may not work for another one. We break it all down in a few simple how-to steps below. These ideas will help you develop a more sophisticated content program, grow your following and achieve the robust levels of engagement you crave.


STEP ONE: This is the research piece—keyword research to be exact. Come up with your top keywords and then look at your customer profile. Have you thought about where that person lives, what they care about and how they spend their spare time? Match up your keywords with your micro-targeted customer profiles.

STEP TWO: Create a list of blog topics targeting the micro-audience information you’ve researched in Step One. Write your first specialized post, and then—it’s back to a bit of research. Look for outlets to help promote and share your post, like other bloggers and influencers, through a source like BuzzSumo.

STEP THREE: Time to hit the “publish” button. Now, you can email your newly discovered friends (or regular reliables) within the influencing and blogging community. Let them know about your post and ask them to share. Monitor response and try various combinations of micro-audience segments with topics, tracking results for each approach.


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