Growth Tactic #54: Before You Leave–When Popups Work

March 22, 2017

Sometimes people just need a reason – a reason to stay, a reason to go, a reason to keep hanging out on your site. So…give ‘em one! With Growth Tactic #54 Before You Leave – When Popups Work, you’ll learn how to keep visitors from waving goodbye with strategic, clever exit popups. Find out more in today’s newest tactic for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW: Before You Leave–When Popups Work

“No don’t go!” That may be what you’re thinking when visitors make a move to leave your site. But try getting across this message instead, “Hey, hang on a second there friend! Don’t forget about this amazing…” This comes off as much more casual (and a lot less desperate). Exit popups (or exit overlays or exit intent popups) can be a great, polite way to offer a prospect a last-minute discount, ask them to follow you on social media, alert them to the perks of signing up for your newsletter, or remind them about anything FREE they could be missing out on (shipping, consultation, eBook, etc.). But…there’s a fine line between a harmless, helpful exit popup and a nuisance. The last thing you want people to think when leaving your site is, “Ok, not going back there.” You’re not trying to kidnap visitors, you’re trying to encourage them to take a final action before they move along. No one likes a needy website. Find out how not to be needy, using the steps below, so you can turn prospects into customers with a single popup.


STEP ONE: Channel your inner “toolman,” because it’s time to choose your tools. Check out our suggestions below, make a pro and con list, compare rates, and get ready to start creating your blueprint.

STEP TWO: First, find out what everyone else is doing (and how to do it better). Visit your competitors’ sites, Google search for examples, and head to your favorite places on the internet. What do you see? Now–what makes sense for your brand? A discount? Free gift? Reminder? You have the framework, so it’s time to build your popup!

STEP THREE: If you hadn’t already guessed it–your next step is to make your non-annoying, totally awesome popup live on your site. Keep an eye on your analytics to determine if it has made a difference. Your goal? A sizeable increase in conversions.


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