Growth Tactic #50: Custom Conversion Funnels for Optimization

March 16, 2017

You can drive a whole herd of visitors to your website, but you can’t make them convert—and it’s all about conversion. Are you wondering why the great traffic you’ve generated is failing to produce more customers? Solve that mystery with our newest Growth Tactic #50 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. It’s all about Custom Conversion Funnels for Optimization.

OVERVIEW — Custom Conversion Funnels for Optimization

As one of a suite of tools in your conversion optimization kit, custom conversion funnels give you the ability to see immediately where your website visitors drop off and tune out. After all the work you do to get them that far, you don’t want to discourage them at the last stage–when they actually engage, make a commitment, or even make a payment. Could it be that your onsite process is getting in the way, rather than showing the way? Check your customized conversion funnel to discover the pain points and fix them quickly.


STEP ONE: Evaluate and choose from the newer conversion optimization platforms mentioned below, such as the National Insights™ Conversion Growth Pack. Become familiar with the different tools in your program, to see how they all feed into the conversion funnel (for example, Growth Tactic #46: See and Record Visitors Onsite).

STEP TWO: Customize a conversion funnel to view the steps you expect users to follow. Click on each one, then filter out traffic to see recorded visitor sessions and learn where users opt out.

STEP THREE: Once you’ve isolated all the pain points, and updated your site to eliminate them, you can decide what to tackle first. Change content, visuals, or functions to optimize user experience and continue to monitor for improved conversions. This is not a one-and-done approach, but rather an ongoing process that helps you keep your site fresh and lets your business respond to an ever-changing marketplace.


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