Growth Tactic #5: We-Miss-You Email

January 12, 2017

Losing a customer–or a prospect–is like a bad break-up, so find out how to avoid the pain with this great tactic to build lead conversions. It’s the latest in our 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, featuring a wealth of tips and insights that will keep you learning and growing well into 2017!  

Overview – We-Miss-You Email

It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…but when it comes to your email list, don’t let your contacts break up with you that easily. Fight for your customers. After all, they need your product and you need their business.

Let your canceled customers and unengaged prospects know how much you miss them by sending an extra special email with an enticing offer. Break out all the stops–metaphorical candy and flowers and real-life, extra-large discounts. Remind them why you’re the best in the biz and why they’ll never find another like you. Remember, at one point they were loyal, happy, buying customers–or close to becoming new ones. It’s time to find out what changed their minds and recapture their attention to keep building lead conversions.


STEP ONE: Visit your list and segment individuals who are no longer opening, clicking or buying. Identify contacts who have already canceled or who have become radio silent recently.

STEP TWO: Decide the angle and tone of your email. How are you going to “woo” customers back? Make it short and sweet, easy-to-digest, and consider using just plain text. You want your former fans to hear what you have to say without being distracted by GIFS, images, blinding colors, or overly-flashy fonts. And don’t shy away from being a little emotional if you feel your list will respond, but if they’re more left-brained, stick to the facts.

Along with a deal they simply can’t ignore, make sure your call-to-action is just as strong. Other things to consider include: brag a bit about new products or features, address each one by first name to personalize the message, include a survey to find out why they’ve stopped doing business with you. Last but not least, ALWAYS make sure you provide an unsubscribe link, just in case it’s really their time to move on–plus, it’s the law for promotional emails.

STEP THREE: Click send and analyze your results over the next few days. Not so good? Reassess your angle, tone and offer and try again next time. But keep in mind–the last thing you want to do when trying to rekindle relationships is to start spamming the segment of your list that’s already on the fence. You’ll knock ‘em right over into the unsubscribe zone!

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