Growth Tactic #47: Map User Actions with Dynamic Heatmaps

March 13, 2017

You can see clearly now—how users interact with your website, that is. Get an actual map of where visitors travel around your site, and make more informed choices to improve user experience (UI/UX), with our latest Growth Tactic, #47 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, Map User Actions with Dynamic Heatmaps.

OVERVIEW – Map User Actions with Dynamic Heatmaps

Feeling the heat from competitor websites? You may need new tools to stay several steps ahead in the race for market share. Heatmaps are a way to achieve better user experience and learn how to convert more visitors into customers. You’ll observe users in real time to see how and where they interact with your site. Instead of wondering why they leave before taking any action, now you can have a clear view of what’s working and what needs improvement. Read on to learn more.


STEP ONE: Check your Google analytics to see which landing pages generate actions, and which seem to send users away. Once you identify key pages (starting with your homepage, of course), open your heat map app and put it to work. Our suggestion is the National Insights™ Conversion Growth Pack, with its Dynamic Heatmaps—one of the few programs available that offers real-time interactive views, along with a whole suite of other tools.

STEP TWO: Customize your map to tell you exactly what’s happening on your site, and to help interpret what it all means. You can segment data and drill down to analyze specific site elements. For example, check your homepage to see clicks, moves and scroll depth. You’ll watch your heatmap take shape and change in real time as users move around the site or page. Grab a screenshot to save and share.

STEP THREE: Then, decide what actions to take to improve your outcomes, and satisfy that all-important Google ranking factor—user experience. You might choose to rewrite content, relocate or cut information that gets overlooked, try different calls-to-action, and more. The goal is to increase time on-site and encourage response. Explore all the tools in your chosen program to achieve even greater site conversions.


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