Growth Tactic #44: The Easy Product Demo Video

March 8, 2017

Whether you’re a video wiz, or just getting comfortable behind (or in front of) the camera, Growth Tactic #44 is a must-have for your bag of marketing tricks. The Easy Product Demo Video is a great way to offer free assistance and to connect with your customers. Find out more in today’s newest tactic for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. We’re offering our best tips and insights to keep you learning and growing well into 2017!


Maybe you’ve launched a brand new product. Maybe you’re introducing an updated feature. Or maybe your inbox is overflowing with the same question from dozens of customers. How do I get your product to do this? What’s that for? Am I doing it right? No matter your motivation – The Easy Product Demo Video is your solution. Answer inquiries, put your beloved item (or service) on display, share knowledge, and ensure that buyers experience your product the way you intended.

And… action!


STEP ONE: Decide what you plan to show (or show off) in your easy product demo video. A quick once-over of the whole product? A tricky feature spotlight? New element update? If you’re interested in a big reveal – consider an unboxing demo video. (Check out our earlier post, Growth Tactic #24: Unboxing Your Brand: The Video.)

STEP TWO: Dig deep to uncover your screenwriting skills – because it’s time to create your video script. Make sure to include prompts along with dialogue, so you know when to show what as you speak.  And remember to keep your video super short and extra sweet.

STEP THREE: Review the resources and tools below, and decide which will help you achieve your demo video goals. Will you be filming using a smart phone or camera and in need of an editing tool? Or will you be taking a screen recording of an online demonstration? Choose your tools. Film. Make it live. After you upload your new recording, promote it to your email list and share with social media fans.


We’re committed to providing a deep source of information and education for our community. Find more resources in our Learn page and visit us here again for the next 100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactic! Then, contact us for more ideas on digital growth and your website.

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