Growth Tactic #40 Multi-Device Responsive Design

March 2, 2017

You already know your website is inviting and workable on a desktop computer—after all, that is a must for any successful business—but, it’s not the only must in 2017. If customers and prospects can’t easily navigate your site from their mobile devices, they’re likely to seek out one of your competitors – whose site is responsive (unlike yours). Find out how to get back in the race with today’s newest tactic for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan: Growth Tactic #40, Multi-Device Responsive Design.


IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN! Almost 60% of all online searches are now conducted on mobile devices. Yep – that’s more than HALF of all searches. So, it pretty much goes without saying that if your website isn’t optimized for smartphones and tablets – you’re no longer in the running for that “best website in your niche field” blue ribbon. When creating a new site, or optimizing your current one, make sure to test all pages from a variety of devices. Your homepage should be as easy to view on your iPad or Android phone as it is on your desktop or laptop. Make it effortless for visitors to find what they’re looking for, without stretching and shrinking your pages. (Allow them to save their finger-tapping energy for purchases, not playing the resizing game.) With one (or a few) of the resources and tools below, you’ll be able to get your site in tip-top shape for all screen sizes.


STEP ONE: First things first. What is responsive design? Click here and check out the Resources and Tools section below. Once you understand a bit more about multi-device responsive design, it’s time to move on to Step Two.

STEP TWO: This step isn’t the same for everyone. First of all, ask yourself – do you need to optimize your current site, create a brand new one or design your very first? Do you have a web developer ready to assist or are you on your own? Many of today’s popular platforms make it easy – they offer themes that are already responsive. So, if you’re working solo, make sure to do your research. If you’re redoing your site completely or just giving it a little makeover, create a strategy and set goals. Hash out when you want your new site to go live and how you’re going to promote the launch to consumers.

STEP THREE: Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to round up the rest of your team – anyone who wasn’t involved in the prepping, but will be in the designing process (developer, freelancer, marketing team, etc.). Or, push forward with your personal Responsive Design 101 course (the one you’ve put together for yourself using the resources and tools below!).  Then, you’re ready to design, spread the word, launch, and brag some more!


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