Growth Tactic #37: Grow Site Visits with Targeted Blog Content

February 27, 2017

Be the source—for great, original ideas that somehow always seem to hit the mark with trending, targeted blog content. It’s easier than you think to Grow Site Visits with Targeted Blog Content, so read on to learn how, in Growth Tactic #37 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW – Grow Site Visits with Targeted Blog Content

Your blog is one of the best methods you have to build site traffic, establish brand authority and keep visitors coming back for new and varied content. You can draw users to your page with highly targeted topics, based on a carefully researched combination of your audience demographics plus current insights into trending topics. As you serve up a consistent offering of useful, entertaining, high-quality posts, written to the likely interests of your various demographic groups, you’ll build loyalty along with traffic and see more visitors convert into customers.


STEP ONE: Study your audience and identify several key sub-groups. List their likely interests or locations, or pick another factor and develop your topic ideas to fit. Create a list of blog topics.

STEP TWO: Identify relevant keywords for each topic and demographic group, and check them for currency—or replace them with better ones and tweak your topic—by using one or more of the simple tools we recommend below. BuzzSumo, for example, will show you content ideas that have had high social engagement or traffic recently. Be sure to check each one to find the best fit for your style and your website needs.

STEP THREE:  Write your blog post(s) and promote each one by a mix of distribution methods. Be sure to include emailing your customer or subscriber lists and promoting them on all your social pages to encourage response and build engagement.

Resources & Tools:

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