Growth Tactic #34: Make an Animated GIF to Educate Users

February 22, 2017

Education doesn’t have to be boring. When it comes to introducing prospects to your brand or teaching old customers new tricks, you can Make an Animated GIF to Educate Users. Find out more about this popular way to build online PR in today’s newest post, Growth Tactic #34 for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. We’re offering our best tips and insights to keep you learning and growing well into 2017!

Overview – Make an Animated GIF to Educate Users

If you’ve never heard the term before, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format – image files that come to life in the form of an animated clip. If you are familiar with GIFs, you may be used to associating these snippets of repeating content with funny facial expressions, pampered pets, and iconic movie moments (just to name a few). But GIFs aren’t just for entertainment these days – you can incorporate this tool into your marketing strategy to help answer customer questions, explain new features, and show prospects how your product works. So, without further ado, it’s time to review the ABC’s of the animated GIF so that you can use this online gadget to educate users in a fun, interesting way. (Did we mention how much time these bad boys can save you in the long run? A LOT! See Step Three.)


STEP ONE: What kind of GIF do you want to make? Do you want to explain a complicated or confusing feature? Discuss a new product? Answer a question? If you need a starting point, click here for one example of a GIF tutorial. 

STEP TWO: Decide which option from the Resources and Tools section below you’d like to use to create your GIF. If you’re new to the world of animated images, try Recordit. If you have a graphic designer or GIF pro on your team, you may want to consider Photoshop.

STEP THREE: Where is your GIF going? A blog post, help page, newsletter, onboard email, etc.? You can even send your GIF as a support reference when someone asks you for assistance via your social media channels or Contact Us form. Instead of reinventing the wheel each time, or copying and pasting a difficult-to-digest set of instructions, you can simply send your mini-explainer movie (and generate some great online PR while you’re at it).

Resources and Tools

We’re committed to providing a deep source of information and education for our community. Find more resources in our Learn page and visit us here again for the next 100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactic! Then, contact us for more ideas on digital growth and your website.

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