Growth Tactic #30: Build a LinkedIn Group for Social Growth

February 16, 2017

Solidify your reputation as an industry leader and make essential business connections with Growth Tactic #30: Build a LinkedIn Group for Social Growth. We’re offering our best tips and insights to keep you learning and growing well into 2017 with our 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

Overview–Build a LinkedIn Group for Social Growth

Having trouble finding the right community? Build it yourself with a LinkedIn Group. Think about your favorite topic of conversation when it comes to your business. What subject do you feel most confident giving advice about? What area of expertise strikes closest to home? By creating a LinkedIn Group based on this theme, you can share meaningful content, generate brand awareness, create new relationships, connect and interact with other professionals, and establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field.


STEP ONE: Think about your target audience, your business, and your goals when choosing a topic for your group. Make sure it’s an area you’re passionate about and comfortable discussing on a regular basis.

STEP TWO: Click the first link in the Resources and Tools section below for directions when creating your group. Review some of the other resources for additional tips about keywords, guidelines, group name, and more.

STEP THREE: Send invitations, asking people to join your group. Use the second link (Invite People to Join Your Group) in the Resources and Tools section below. Consider inviting likeminded industry professionals, business partners, associates–anyone you feel you could add value to your new community.

Resources and Tools

We’re committed to providing a deep source of information and education for our community. Find more resources in our Learn page and visit us here again for the next 100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactic! Then, contact us for more ideas on digital growth and your website.

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