Growth Tactic #28: Lead Nurture Customers through Email Queues

February 14, 2017

It’s just as true in business as it is in real life–take a good relationship for granted and the warm, fuzzy feelings may soon grow cold. So why jeopardize a good thing? No need for flowers and candy once the sale is made (unless you’re actually selling flowers and candy…). Growth Tactic #28: Nurture Customers through Email Queues, the latest in our 100-Day Digital Growth Plan series, explains why—and how—you need to handle prospects and customers with care using proven lead nurture methods.

Overview – Lead Nurture Customers through Email Queues

Grow your business from within by encouraging a bigger commitment to your services or more frequent orders for your product. Adapt your email marketing program to practice good lead nurturing.

Take the time to know your customer’s needs and behavior patterns, to decide where along the sales cycle they’re most likely to convert, and why. Then craft your emails to trigger those responses, and be ready with a sequenced series of emails that match those stages of the cycle. Together, they make up a nurture queue, sharing important information, offers and messages most likely to have an impact at each stage.       


STEP ONE: Strategize—think of the most likely ways to persuade customers to convert, based on their typical lifecycles. When do they need—or want—to know another bit of information? Examine which pages generate response patterns, whether specific product pages, testimonials, or others.

STEP TWO: Once you’ve understood their behavior patterns, pin down their triggers and craft your email messages accordingly. Then, create your email templates in SharpSpring or your marketing automation system.

STEP THREE: Write your automation sequences, to determine which emails to send in what order, and based on what events.

Resources and Tools

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