Growth Tactic #23: Optimize Conversion Forms

February 7, 2017

As a business owner or marketer, you live and breathe conversions—the kind that turn casual site visitors into leads, and leads into customers. If you’re head-scratching about the lack of love, it could be you simply need to Optimize Conversion Forms. Luckily, it’s the newest post, Growth Tactic #23 in our 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

Overview – Optimize Conversion Forms

You know that successful conversion requires constant effort to keep generating new interest, new excitement and new sales. Besides, markets and trends are continually changing. In the middle of all this change, you have to rely on a conversion form to pull in much of your new business, so your main mission has to be—optimize! The fewer steps required of a visitor, the better your chances of conversion—but to be sure, you’ll need to run a series of A/B tests to decide exactly what is working, or not. Try these simple steps to get started (and review our earlier post on the A/B basics, Growth Tactic #2: A/B Test for Better Calls-to-Action).


STEP ONE: Identify your website’s main sign-up or opt-in forms, and run an A/B test to see what’s converting. Consider trimming your form to the least possible number of steps for your visitor and see if you generate an increased response.

STEP TWO: Monitor your results in SharpSpring or your favorite tracking platform.

STEP THREE: As you monitor performance and collect results, build a library of forms that have worked for you. If the trimmed-down form works best, make the permanent switch to using it throughout your site.

Resources & Tools

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