Growth Tactic #2: A/B Test for Better Calls-to-Action

January 9, 2017

100 Day Digital Growth Plan

Here’s the second in our series of brief 100-Day Digital Growth Plan blogs, with daily growth tactics and insights to keep you learning and your business growing well into 2017! Find out how to A/B test for better calls-to-action, and why the smallest tweaks can boost your conversion rates–and your business growth!

Overview – A/B Test for Better Calls-to-Action

One of the best ways to learn about your website visitors is by running A/B testing experiments on your call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Start with the home page, which is where most visitors arrive. It will always give you the best indication of who your site visitors are and what kinds of changes influence their choices.

Slight changes to the CTA, such as different wording—even one-word changes—colors, shapes, or placement on the page, have been shown to significantly increase or decrease conversion rates. Rather than reinventing the wheel, look up one of the many tools available for constructing useful, easy A/B tests, then track the results for each variation.

The How-to

STEP ONE Decide on the best message to tweak your customers’ interest. Think about the services you provide and the success you’ve had when targeting the right persona. Develop several different messages that convey the instruction to “click here.” Try a different color or shape for each message you create.

STEP TWO It’s important to keep all other elements the same when running tests, and only change one thing, such as color or wording. Why? Isolating the element you change is key to tracking how results differ with each version. Choose an A/B testing tool from one of the popular providers such as Optimizely (see more sources below).

STEP THREE Plan your schedule and set up tracking functions for each A/B variation. Launch your tests and track results. When you see an indication of which variations generate the most conversions, you can move on to another page and continue optimizing CTAs throughout your site.

Resources and Tools

We’re committed to providing a deep source of information and education for our community. Find more resources in our Learn page and check back often for more 100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactics! Then contact us for expert help implementing your digital growth plan.

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