Growth Tactic #17: The Pitch Video–Your High-Speed Explainer

January 30, 2017

As soon as a potential customer lands on your site, you want to reel them in…with your sizzle reel: video content they just can’t turn away from! That’s the goal–but how do you achieve it? By reviewing Growth Tactic #17, “The Pitch Video–Your High-Speed Explainer” from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. These tips and insights can help you on your quest for brand growth in 2017!

Overview: The Pitch Video–Your High-Speed Explainer

Who are you? Why is your brand #1? And how quickly and convincingly can you tell the rest of the world? With the right pitch video, you’ll be able to do both in under two minutes flat.

There is an art to creating the perfect pitch video (also known as the explainer video, sizzle reel, promo video, etc.). It needs to be short, sweet and succinct, as well as entertaining, explanatory and emotionally appealing. That’s a lot to squeeze into such a short film, but with a solid game plan, the correct tools and the proper assistance, it’s more than possible. Think of it this way…you’re creating a movie trailer for your brand–and you want all of your viewers to beg for the full feature (e.g. to contact you, buy your product/service, etc.).

Review steps one through three below for a crash course in Pitch Video Creation 101.  Welcome to the big leagues–you’ll be a pitchin’ pro in no time.


STEP ONE: Review other explainer videos from your favorite companies and your competition. Do you want yours to feature humans? To be animated? What emotion are you looking to target? 

STEP TWO: Create your script and an outline for your video. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your video should be no longer than 90 seconds to 2 minutes. You want to keep your audience captivated the entire time. Share the who, what and why within your story (maybe even the when and where if there’s time), and then close your video with a call-to-action of some kind (examples: contact for more information, purchase a product, sign up for a service, download a free gift).

STEP THREE: Make your video. You can choose to create one yourself with your iPhone or Android phone or take the more professional route and hire it out. If you’re planning to place this video on your homepage, consider how many views it will get. This just may be the time to splurge on a little expert assistance so that you don’t just get it done…but you get it done right! You can also share your video on your About Us page (instead of your homepage), social media platforms, YouTube channel and perhaps via email to your leads.

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