Growth Tactic #15: Strategize with Social & Editorial Calendars

January 26, 2017

Ever feel like you have too many balls in the air at once, and your juggling skills just aren’t what they should be? Fear not, there’s a remarkably simple solution for stressed-out marketing jugglers with social media marketing goals, once they learn to Strategize with Social and Editorial Calendars. Find out more in Growth Tactic #15, the latest in our 100-Day Digital Growth Plan series.

Overview – Strategize with Social & Editorial Calendars

The supreme challenge for marketers in any business is keeping all the moving parts moving, and then keeping track of them as plans develop. If blogging and social media marketing are significant parts of your marketing plan (and how could they not be?), you need to strategize with social and editorial calendars to stay one step ahead. Use these well-designed tools to help develop, implement, and track your work, and to think strategically about what content to create, post, and share—and when.


STEP ONE: Evaluate some of the popular calendar tools we list below. Choose the one that works for your needs and that will automate some of your repetitive planning tasks. Look at how well it will serve all your team members and help improve the process of coordinating with them.

STEP TWO: Think through your strategy and prioritize topics attuned to your business goals. Decide if you want to offer longform articles that develop topics in depth, with interesting background that fits your audience interests. Alternatively, focus on short, practical advice posts that can be quickly adapted by your prospects, and that provide a learning experience. Alternate your self-serving posts with lighter, fun facts or trending information.

STEP THREE: Be sure to check your site analytics regularly to see when it is most advantageous to post, publish, and share content, including time-of-day and day-of-week. Continue building out calendars to add more lead time and increase your focus on analytics and improving results.

Resources and Tools

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