Growth Tactic #14: Keep Your Content Working for You

January 25, 2017

In our last tip, we discussed the benefits of compiling a list of high-performing posts from other sites and sharing this content on your blog. Today, we’ll review how to go about using your own repurposed content and Keep Your Content Working for You. It’s Growth Tactic #14 in your 100 Day Digital Growth Plan series.

Overview – Keep Your Content Working for You

Great content and adorable cats have at least one thing in common: many lives. It’s unlikely that you have the time and the human resources to recreate the wheel every time you want to generate a new piece of content. That’s where your old blog posts come into play–yet again. They’re just sitting in the archives, waiting for you to reach out and repurpose them. When it comes to your best-performing posts, you nailed it the first time. Now, all you have to do is move around some pieces, dress them up in new outfits and there you have it. New content, more value, and a whole lot of time and money saved.

NOTE: Which are the best types of repurposed content? Your evergreen pieces! But how can you be sure if a piece is evergreen? It’s searchable, high-quality, and as relevant and useful today as it was yesterday.


STEP ONE: Use Google Analytics to determine which of your blog posts have performed well in the past 4-6 months. Sift through your list to identify which of these pieces contain evergreen content. Choose one!

STEP TWO: Decide how you’re going to repurpose your piece–with updated data? a new format, like a punchy infographic?–then start creating!

STEP THREE: Make your new content live and share via your social media channels and an email blast to your list. Don’t forget to revisit the initial piece of content that inspired it all, and add your new links to your old post.   

Resources and Tools

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