Growth Tactic #100 Keep Sharing on Social for More Promotion

May 25, 2017

Your new blog post is the Hope Diamond of all blog posts. It glimmers and shines on your website. Don’t keep it hidden in the dark – make it sparkle in front of an even bigger crowd. How? Promote, promote, promote! Learn how to Keep Sharing on Social for More Promotion (without annoying or boring your readers). Welcome to Growth Tactic #100, the final piece in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. Congratulations–you’ve graduated!

OVERVIEW: Keep on Sharing on Social for More Promotion Woman holding smartphone in one hand and typing on laptop with the other, SOCIAL MEDIA page open on screen, showing corner of her arm with bright yellow sweater

When you create a new post for your blog – you’re not just doing it for fun, are you? You’re hoping to dazzle readers, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your site. But just because your content is one-of-a-kind – that doesn’t mean it’s #1 on your prospects’ social feeds. You need to shine that spotlight, point those fingers, and turn on the flashing neon sign – in a tasteful, classy way of course. It’s your job to walk the fine line between too much self-promotion and not enough. A single post on each platform announcing your new blog post just isn’t enough. But, you don’t want to spam your fans either. Think: variety and timing. Don’t copy and paste the same posts over and over again. Generate new, brilliant content each and every time. More work? Yes. Better return? That’s the goal.

If you can make a social calendar for holidays and events – why not put one together for new posts? These launches are events in themselves (or at least they should be treated as such)! So, are you ready to stuff one last jewel into your marketing treasure chest?


STEP ONE: Familiarize yourself with the art of creating social calendars and scheduling your posts. See the Resources and Tools section below for ideas that will help simplify your strategy and boost results.

STEP TWO: Once you’ve determined which scheduling template or method works for you, test it! Use an upcoming blog post as “exhibit A” and fill in your calendar or document with images, copy, posting times, and more.

STEP THREE: Schedule your social posts using your favorite tried-and-true or newly discovered (look down there!) social media management or scheduling tool. Don’t just post and cross your fingers. Pay attention to the analytics so that you can revise and rework your plan for next time if need be.


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