Growth Tactic #10: How to Create an Influencer Blog Post

January 19, 2017

Here’s a practical, quick guide to jumping on the Influencer Marketing bandwagon: How to Create an Influencer Blog Post. It’s the next tactic for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. We’re offering our best tips and insights to keep you learning and growing well into 2017!

Overview – How to Create an Influencer Blog Post

Influencer Marketing is HUGE right now – and there are dozens of ways to incorporate an influencer blog post into your new-and-improved marketing strategy. For this tip we’ll be focusing on securing the advice and expertise of influential individuals, for use in posts on your brand’s site.

If your content is feeling a bit stale, consider spicing up your next post with some quotes, guidance and tips from industry leaders. They’ve got the knowledge–why not offer them a place to share it? These guest posts give your audience a little something new, with insight from true niche experts they know and trust. Plus, working with influencers in this capacity could lead to other collaborative opportunities. NOTE: While some influencers may offer their tips free of charge, many influencer collaborations come with a fee, be it product or money. Make sure to properly disclose any exchange of goods, services or payment as per FTC guidelines.


STEP ONE: What do you want your influencers to talk about? Think about your readers, fans and customers. What topics do they interact with, comment on and share most? Come up with a question or two that might open the door for some stimulating responses from your influencers, which could in turn encourage further engagement from readers (HINT: make your questions simple and open-ended).

STEP TWO: Who do you want to reach out to? Do your research, create a list and put together a form that is easy to fill out. Leave space for answers, names, titles, website URLs and other additional information they might like to include.

STEP THREE: Create your email outline. Try to be as personal with each influencer as possible. Address them by first name, explain why you chose them, show that you understand their level of influence and appreciate their time and expertise. Review your replies, compile the best ones, add an intro and an outro – and voila! You have yourself a brand new (and very different type of) post. Make sure to promote the post on your social channels. Tag the influencers you included and perhaps they’ll re-post, share or comment for further exposure.

Resources and Tools

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