100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactic #1: The Educational Email Campaign

January 6, 2017

100 Day REvised BANNER

We’ve launched a series of brief 100-Day Digital Growth Plan blogs, with growth tactics, tips and insights to keep you learning and your business growing well into 2017!

Welcome to Tactic #1, a brief guide for showing off your expertise with a series of educational emails that will have prospects coming to you for more–more information, more advice, and ultimately, your services and products!

Overview – Growth Plan Tactic #1

People love to work with companies that are prepared to help them. Educational emails give you an opportunity to show your expertise while building a relationship with your prospective customers. In our crowded and competitive world, it is hard for consumers to know whom to trust.

A campaign or series of educational emails is just the thing to keep you top of mind with your prospects. It’s well known that educational emails start the kinds of conversations that lead to conversions.

The How-to

STEP ONE Decide on your email campaign series theme. Think of pain points that keep your customers up at night. The series of emails should provide great problem-solving value so your prospects look forward to receiving them.

STEP TWO Create an outline for your series. Build an email template. Then just start writing. Each email you write should focus on one topic. Emails can vary in size but each one should offer value and prove your expertise. Make them more interesting using images, videos, white space and bullet points. Remember to end the series–and each message–with a strong call-to-action so readers know what they should do next.

STEP THREE Choose a Marketing Automation tool that will allow you to track email performance as well as prospects’ interaction with your email and website.

Resources and Tools

We’re committed to providing a deep source of information and education for our community. Find more resources in our Learn page and check back often for more 100-Day Digital Growth Plan Tactics! Then contact us for expert help implementing your digital growth plan.

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