Growth in Online Videos and Social Media

June 2, 2011

Online videos and social media are growing in popularity at a tremendous rate, and this trend is only expected to continue in the future.

Cisco is predicting that by 2015, online video watching on sites will have doubled to 1.5 billion worldwide. Cisco also predicts that from 2010 to 2015, the total Internet traffic is expected to quadruple. It is believed that video will be the driving factor for this tremendous growth.

Pew Research did a social media study that reported 13% of American adults online use Twitter, which increased from 8% six months ago. This means that in the last six months there have been about 12 million more Twitter users! In addition, more than half of these adults who tweet use their cellphones to do so.

This huge growth in online videos and social media is just a part of the changing business world. From ten years ago to today, there has been a tremendous growth in Internet usage both by consumers and companies. This growth, specifically in online videos and social media, has led to a change in the way that consumers search. It makes sense then that it has also altered the process companies use to find their customers and to interact with them.

The way we advertise is completely changing and with this continued growth in areas such as online videos and social media. Your company should be knowledgeable of these two platforms and how to incorporate, if you haven’t already, these into your Internet marketing. You will be able to use these increasingly popular platforms to drive traffic to your company’s website. You should also make sure you have a good mobile website set up as more of these users access your site through their smartphones. If your company is able to advertise on these platforms, then the traffic driven to your site will increase and therefore you will have more conversions while providing a more enhanced customer experience.

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