Google’s Newest Modifications: Making Search More Intuitive

June 16, 2011

At a media event last Tuesday in San Francisco, Google unveiled a few of its latest features and updates that will make online search more intuitive for people. These features will let the online community search by voice, search by image, and benefit from the newest feature: Instant Pages. Google is continually changing the world of search with its innovative technology to bring more power to the people. It’s crucial as a marketer to understand how these new modifications are paving the way for future search.

• Voice Search. This feature will now let people search keywords or terms by voice from their desktop computers (previously only available for certain mobile devices). Google says this search capability will make it easier for people who may be searching hard-to-spell keywords or performing a lengthy search. The voice search takes the convenience of Google search one step further for the people, because not only can you search anywhere, anytime, but even when you’re hands are full. Google also states that the voice search is just more fun and people will probably connect with it better since you can ask your computer for answers by talking to it. This voice search feature will be available for desktop computers through Chrome.

• Search by Image. Google is now incorporating its Google Goggles technology used on Android devices to its general search engine on the web. This technology allows people to conduct searches simply by uploading a picture (from the web or a picture they took themselves) to Google. This search feature supposedly works best for searching general things like artwork, landmarks, labels, and animals. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you can’t come up with a concise word description of that picture, Google will now let you perform a search with that very picture.

• Instant Pages. This is Google’s latest technology that Google plans to roll out on its next beta release of Chrome (and supposedly Firefox in the near feature). The name of this feature does exactly what it implies – Google makes page loading even faster for people searching. With Instant Pages, Google will start pre-rendering results from the top down, rewarding top ranked websites with speedier load times, so people using Chrome can immediately get to a page without having to wait for images and text to load. Instant Pages is expected to save people somewhere between 2 to 10 seconds of waiting time when searching.

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