Google Unveils Its Social Platform Google+

June 29, 2011

Google has officially launched Google+, its latest attempt at leveraging a presence in the social media realm. Google’s social networking platform is said to rival social sharing site Facebook. The launching of Google+, which has been in the works for about a year, could potentially change the way of social sharing as it claims to provide a better sharing experience for people that feels more like sharing in real life. Launching Google+ is a huge stride for the search giant because now Google will be able to do even more than satisfy anyone’s and everyone’s search needs – now Google will be able to tap into the expanding arena of social media as social platforms continue to consume the attention of the online community. Google+ is putting Google where it needs to be: the social media world.

The social platform has the “Stream” which is similar to the Facebook News Feed where you can see photos, links, locations, and more from friends. However, Google+ offers several features that differentiate itself from social giant Facebook. Here are a few of the features on Google+ that modify the way people today are sharing on other social platforms.

• Circles. Google says that because in real life you share different information with different groups of people, you should be able to share that way online. Circles lets you group your connections on Google+ into different, customized circles (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) so you can share the information you want with the people you want.

• Instant Upload. It’s no surprise that Google added an instant upload feature with the expansion of mobile and smartphone usage. This feature automatically uploads pictures taken on your mobile device to your Google+ account to take the hassle out of downloading and uploading pictures on and off your phone. Google+ keeps the automatically uploaded photos private by default so you can decide which ones you want to share and which ones you don’t.

• Sparks. This feature really incorporates what Google is known for – search. With Sparks, you can type in something you like or something you’re interested in (music, fashion, technology, food, etc.) and they’ll deliver you results that pertain to your interests whether it’s a video or a recent article. Google+ delivers results algorithmically with information from its traditional Google Search, the +1 buttons, as well as content shared on Google+. Your Sparks results will, of course, be easily sharable with your friends on Google+ so the information keeps on flowing.

Google+ offers other features like group conversations that aim to enhance the online social networking experience for the growing audience of people spending their time on social platforms. Google is rolling out Google+ in controlled stages as it conducts field-testing before it releases the entire platform to the public.

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