Google to Remove Ads on Right Hand Side of Search Results

February 21, 2016

In one of the biggest moves to date, Google has confirmed that they will remove paid search ads on the right hand side panel of the desktop search results. That leaves paid search ads on desktop being displayed only at the top and bottom of the search page.

How many ads will show?

According to Google, 3 ads will show at the top and bottom of the search results, except in the case where the search term is extremely competitive or commercial, in which case 4 ads will be displayed.

According to TheVerge,Google has announced that this change is global. The change will go into effect worldwide and in all languages.

What will happen to the right hand side of the screen?

The right hand-side of the screen will be used to display product listing ads and the Google knowledge panel results which typically include common answers to search queries. 

Why this change?

According to SearchEngineland, this is the end of a long-running test that Google began in 2010 and has perfected over time.

Google employees have told National Positions on numerous occasions that there is a big push to make the desktop and mobile experience similar. This coincides with the end of an era as the number of desktop results is overtaken by mobile, meaning that the mobile experience becomes more important to Google than ever.

Google has also made it clear that is considered its top competitor, and this change is expected to be an important move as Google takes on Amazon by creating an improved shopping experience.

What will it mean to you?

Expect to see higher CPC’s (cost per clicks) as advertisers vie for the top 3 or 4 positions.

Advertisers to look beyond Google paid ads
Organic search results will, in some cases, be pushed down even further for more competitive commercial results. However, organic results will become more important than ever to online advertisers as the cost of paid search increases. There will be a push by advertisers to find other, cheaper advertising opportunities such as banner ads, Bing PPC, social media advertising, content marketing, native advertising, video, influencer marketing, and email marketing.

What will it mean to Google?

We shouldn’t be too concerned about Google. One thing is for sure, the search behemoth will ultimately earn more revenue as CPC’s increase and their shopping results become more prominent.


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