Google Reports: Enormous Growth in Mobile Local Search

March 15, 2011

Techcrunch reported that Marissa Mayer, the Vice President of Location and Local Services for Google, spoke in Austin this week at SXSW about the future of Google Maps.
In her talk, Mayer cited enormous growth in the Mobile local market that is terrific news for every business looking for ways to improve sales. (So, that means everybody!)

As Mayer noted, a recent Google study shows that over 40% of all Google Maps activity is made by mobile users. She also revealed that on Christmas and on New Years’ Day there were more people using Google Maps via mobile devices than desktops. This is a first for any Google product!

So why is this important news your business? It is hard evidence of what many of us have been suspecting for over a year: the mobile market is growing at an amazing rate and is truly an untapped resource for your business. This is especially true for Mobile Local Search.

Consider that Google Maps has over 150 million mobile users and counting. That is compared to the 100 million of mobile users for Google Maps in August 2010. That’s 50 million more people in about 6 months!

And for what purpose are these people using Google Maps? They are looking for products and services on their mobile device while they are out of the house or office and looking to give someone their business. People using Google Maps on their mobile device are not just looking for your business, but they are targeted traffic looking to convert to your customer even more so than the usual web user. Why? Because if someone is using their mobile device to find a business, that person is looking to spend their money immediately and whichever company is found quickly and easily is likely to get that person’s business!

This is why you need to have a strong presence in an emerging mobile market. You want to capture potential customers when they are most likely to convert.

This means that you want not only a mobile app, but more importantly a mobile version of your company website with mobile site design and development and mobile SEO. This way, you have a mobile site optimized for Mobile Local Search and you are likely to be found by potential customers looking for your business.

On your mobile site, you definitely want to include click-to-call and click-to-map tools that make it easy for the visitor to quickly navigate the conversion process.
Remember, the mobile market is only going to become even bigger. There’s a tremendous opportunity for businesses to enter the mobile market now so they can get a head start on their competition and establish themselves before the market saturates.
Again, this is all coming from Google. If Google is telling people that it sees huge growth in the mobile local search market, businesses everywhere should take note.

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