Our MixRank Guest Article: The Power of Google Product Listing Ads

May 3, 2013

National Positions E-commerce Channel Manager and Senior SEM Analyst James Kelly has published a really knowledgeable article on Google’s Product Listing Ads on the MixRank Blog.

James, one of the industry thought leaders in Google Shopping and e-commerce channel management, has written a technically insightful article on the power of product segmentation for your Adwords campaign. James offers some tremendous, practical tips on how to increase performance without increasing ad spend.

If you’re looking to learn more about PLAs and the e-commerce space, you should definitely read the post.

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For those not familiar with MixRank, it’s a really amazing online advertising tool. MixRank is a competitive intelligence tool that lets you see where advertisers are spending their money, where they’re displaying their ads, the historical progress to track the success of various ads, as well as the ad copy, images and landing pages. MixRank is a great way to improve your ads and even find new linking opportunities for SEO. Check them out!

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