Google+ Gets a Refreshed Look

April 11, 2012

Google has announced today that they will be introducing a redesign for their social networking site, Google+.  The redesign will let users enjoy have a more personalized experience than before.

Although the site is still very much new, over the next few days, Google will roll out an assortment of reimagined features to enhance the user experience including a customized navigation, a Hangouts page, a redesigned stream and many more features.

Google refers to the revamp as a “more functional and flexible version of Google+.” The new features make Google+ more aesthetically pleasing and make it easier to use.

Instead of having static icons at the top of your profile, the new design brings them to the side so that they are more accessible. You will also have the option to reorder icons like Photos, Hangouts, Circles, Games, etc. to your liking. The rest of the icons that you don’t want displayed will be conveniently hidden under a “More” icon. When you hover over certain icons, you’ll be given options for quick actions.

One of the new icons that will roll out is the “Explore” icon which takes you to a page where all of the content that is currently trending on Google+ will be displayed.

Since Hangouts have been one of the site’s main features, they now have their own section where they are able to be better highlighted. This gives users easier access to public and live Hangouts as well as displaying popular ones.

With the new design, photos will have more of the spotlight by being larger than before and having a chat list as a sidebar on the right of the page. The News Feed will also be tweaked to better separate posts and their discussions into boxes.

Will the new Google+ redesign make the 170 million users overall experience a better one?

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