Google+ Features that Help Your Business

April 5, 2012

While Google+ hasn’t reached as great a success as Facebook has over the years, it is still not a lost cause. In fact, Google+ it’s growing among those that work in offices. While it’s still relatively new, there are several features that make it stand out amid its competitors.


One of the great things about Google+ is that you can organize followers into different Circles, or groups, so that you can share specific content with each Circle that would benefit from each of your posts. You can create Circles for people who work at your company, clients, partners, etc. which can make it much easier to reach out to certain Circles when you want to instead of sharing to all of your followers.


The convenient thing behind Hangouts is that you can host unplanned meetings with a group of people to a webinar to even a product demo. The ways you can connect with other users and co-workers are remarkable. You’re able to connect with others in your company and have a web conference that way instead of through a pricey conferencing service.

Now that Google Docs are able to be shared through Hangouts, you can share important documents with co-workers that you are connected with so that they can review, edit and share any documents you send them.


Search Plus Your World has been impacting Google search results for a couple months now, making results more personalized for each user.  If your co-workers +1 any important posts, the posts will come up for those they’re connected with in relevant searches. This can drive traffic to your website.

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