Google Introduces Social Search with +1 Button

March 31, 2011

On Wednesday, Google announced that it is launching a new social search button called the +1. This news is being interpreted as Google’s answer to Facebook’s like button. Indeed, many see this as Google’s attempt to take a page from Facebook and incorporate social search into its search results.

The +1 button is going to appear right next to Google’s search results as well as its AdWords ads. Soon, site owners and web publishers will be allowed to add the +1 button to their site’s webpages.

Google is taking a huge leap in its quest for a better and more personalized web user experience. Google’s +1 recommendations will play a huge role in Google’s social search improvements and they’ll highlight content people are actively interested in. Now people using social search will be able to see content created and shared by those in their social network, and recommended by those in their Google +1 network.

Google’s +1 is more than just a better way to search for stuff. It is turning Google into a social network. And considering the web monopoly of Google, this is potentially turning the entire Internet into one giant social network.

Google keeps adding new tools that affect how your business gets found by potential customers. Notice the patterns that of all these changes. Google is rewarding businesses that have a strong, loyal following and can generate a dynamic social network. In Google’s eyes, this is an extension of its “democratization” ethos. The businesses that have the most loyal customers are the best ones and deserve to become more popular. So, the more your business reaches new prospects and satisfies existing customers, the better your odds of getting found by more people!

Potentially, this is HUGE news for your business.

If the +1 button takes off and people start using it, then all of Google’s users will be sharing information about the products and services they like with all other Google users. And since Google is practically synonymous with the Internet, this means that soon enough all of the Internet will function much like Facebook and Twitter do. In fact, the term “social search” doesn’t properly reflect the power of this change.

To give you an idea of the potential here, imagine all web activity you want to share and recommend to other people being instantly delivered to them. You were satisfied with a meal at an Italian restaurant? You’ll click the +1 button (as you’ll be sitting in a restaurant with a mobile device, no doubt.) Happy with the service at a hardware store? Click the +1 button while you’re paying. Want to recommend your children’s pediatrician? You can do it instantly!

While the Google +1 button has the potential to change how we use the Internet, this really signals a greater shift in how your business can find new prospects. The power of word-of-mouth is going to become so strong that if you convert one or two of your website visitors into loyal customers, you’ll get a strong return on investment because that one customer will be able to recommend you to thousands of friends and acquaintances.

This is the power of the Google +1 button. It is turning the entire Internet into a social network! And your business will be able to market itself to more potential customers more quickly than you ever imagined possible!

The return on investment from just a single converted sale could be huge because that customer, if loyal, will be a never-ending, 24/7 salesman for your company. Even better, it is a walking and talking FREE advertisement and testimonial!

It’s too soon to know exactly how the Google +1 will impact your Internet Marketing and SEO campaign. However, there is one obvious takeaway.

Your business needs to produce more relevant information that to attract +1s and influence who decides to visit your site from search engine results pages. This means that BLOGGING AND SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT ARE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT! We’re moving closer and closer to living in a giant social network and it is crucial that your business becomes more socially valuable by creating and share dynamic content about your business and your industry.

Here is Google’s video on the +1 button.

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