Google to Incorporate Real-Time Twitter Results in Search – Again

February 26, 2015

Bloomberg Business recently reported that Google and Twitter have reforged a deal that will bring back the availability of real-time Twitter updates in Google’s search results.

Confirmed during Twitter’s recent fourth quarter earnings call, the move appears to be a strategic part of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s efforts to increase Twitter’s visibility among non-users. The move also helps bring new strength to Google’s ability to return the most relevant – and up-to-the-minute –  results.

This isn’t the first time Google fed its results with live Twitter updates; the companies forged a similar partnership in 2009 that lasted for two years. At the time, the deal filled in for Twitter’s lack of a robust search function, but the deal was allowed to eventually lapse.

The Importance of Twitter for Businesses is on the Rise

What does this mean for brands?

Naturally, social media marketing has always been crucial for brands, but this clearly highlights the opportunities that engaging in social media create. Not only does it give brands an opportunity to engage and connect with an audience within the platform itself, it means that with the right strategy a brand’s tweets have the potential to be seen in real-time right at the top of the search results. The potential for a brand’s tweets to appear in the search results also secures an even wider reach, allowing their efforts to reach even those customers who are not yet actively engaged on Twitter.

If you’re looking for ways to sharpen your social media efforts, looking into Influencer Marketing–which allows brands to partner with their customers biggest influencers on sites like Twitter–could give you a fresh, powerful way to reach even more customers online.  Whether you’re already active in social media, want to know more about Influencer marketing, or need advice on how to get started promoting your brand on Twitter, we can help.

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